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RESIST MUCH, OBEY LITTLE. Venezuelan teenager. I can't tell you who I am , I'm figuring out. But I can tell you what I do and what I like. I like people who is bold, and spread happines , I'm mostly training, playing guitar and taking pictures... I also speak 3 languages, I sing and I dance. That's all.

"I know what makes him cry and I know what makes him cum. So I win."
My co-worker, on her ex. (via ziraffe)

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white girls who want my culture’s bindis and saris and henna 

take my skin colour too

and my dark brown lips

take my self-hatred because i don’t fit into the euro-centric ideals of beauty

take the oppression too

take the history of colonization that has devastated my country

and the drones that currently devastate my country

take all the bad stuff too

not just the pretty, shiny, sparky bits

take the ugly, dehumanizing and shitty parts too

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1. high school will drain you. it’s panic attacks in the hallway and crying in the bathroom and eating lunch in the back of the library because the cafeteria makes your heart beat too fast. It’s getting high and throwing up. you will learn a lot about death and how to treat your cuts. You will also learn what it’s like to get drunk and laugh at the stars and how to write poetry that makes the world hurt less. You will read books that you fall in love with. you will fall in love. you’ll get closer to your mother because you’ll need someone to help you with your math homework and teach you how to put on your makeup and wipe away your tears.

2. the first boy you fall in love with will break you. he’ll tell you he loves you and convince you to fuck him in the back of his parents beat up volvo and then he’ll tell all his friends what you taste like and stop calling you before you fall asleep. delete his number and throw away the stuffed bear he won you at the carnival three weeks before. your carpet will be stained with tears and vomit and liquor and you’ll fight with you dad a lot more than usual. you’ll spit up pieces of your heart for weeks. you’ll burn alive when you see him in the halls. you won’t always feel like you’re cracking and a few months later you’ll be falling asleep on the phone with someone else. let it hurt for a little while but don’t let it kill you. never let it kill you.

3. the girl you’ve been best friends with for 9 years will stop speaking to you. one night you’ll make plans with her and she’ll cancel at the last minute because she’s sick but you’ll see her updating her snapchat story with pictures of empty alcohol bottles and blurry eyes and the mean girls who never let you sit with them. try to forgive her. she’s going through all the bloody, broken teeth, black and blue filled nights like you are. everyone’s trying to survive so don’t be too hard on anyone. especially yourself.

4. your teacher will ask the class questions and you’ll know the answers but you’ll keep your shaky hand between your knees and keep your tongue glued to the top of your mouth. don’t bother. speak out. nothing bad will happen. so when your biology teachers calls on you to tell him about last nights assignment, don’t stare at the spinning ground and mumble through numb lips. you’re smarter than you think and nobody is looking at you anyway.

5. you’re not his baby girl. when he tries to kiss your neck and pull you onto his lap, get up and leave. you don’t have to go upstairs with him. you don’t have to sleep with him because he’s begging. it’s not your job to fuck around with boys who can’t remember your name. take care of yourself even when he’s calling you a tease and whispering just loud enough for you to hear.

6. go out. go to football games and sit on hard metal bleachers for hours and take shots that taste like bleach and hold hands with the cute boy from english class. go to that dumb party and don’t complain or stand in the corner. things are always moving. people are always falling in love and laughing and putting themselves back together. be part of it.

7. ask for help. you don’t have to let yourself rot. when you don’t know how to do something in math class ask your teacher to explain. when your heart falls out of your chest and shatters at your feet, ask your best friend to come over and watch bad movies with you until you both feel less dead. when the boy you’re convinced you love kisses someone else, ask your mother to help stop the bleeding. you’re not alone so stop acting like it. no more breakdowns at three in the morning locked in the bathroom screaming. your older sister is still awake. crawl into bed with her.

8. it all ends. high school doesn’t last forever and 6 years from now you’ll be whole again. you won’t remember the names of the boys who made you cry or the girls who fucked you over. you won’t remember the names of the teachers who made your cheeks turn red and tied your stomach in knots. you won’t remember the time you fell down the stairs in front of everyone. you won’t remember what it’s like to want to die. try to remember the times you laughed so hard you spit out your drink. try to remember the people who helped put you back together. try to remember the people who bled with you when things got messy, when they call you at 3 in the morning to ask how you’ve been, answer the phone.

9. don’t forget to breathe.

9 things to remember when you are 14  (via extrasad)

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PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF + STYLE: Hi guys, I’m Marcel Floruss, born and raised in Germany for 20 years and then made the big move to NYC, the greatest city on earth (I’d say, and I’ve seen a few), to study fashion. My blog is all about passion and sharing it, which for me ranges from fashion, photography and modeling to traveling, food and dancing, which I actually did professionally for a while!

If anything, I’d say my style is very diverse. I’ll wear anything from a classy suit with a shirt, tie and oxfords, to a tank, jeans and sneakers. And most often, it’s actually a mix of the two. Hence the blog name “One Dapper Street” - “dapper” and “street”.

INSPIRATION: Everything and anything. I walk down the street and get ideas from people and store fronts; I’ll look at a painting and be inspired by the colors; even just the obvious things like weather and occasion inspire my outfits and make me come up with new ideas of how to dress appropriately.


Ha, I’ll have to say the one we’re in right now, as it reflects many of the decades in the past, from dapper three-piece suit options in style of the 20s to the “Canadian Suit” in the 90s, which very much reflects my style.


I mean, I go to school for fashion and they obviously educate us about the importance of history in fashion… Every season, designers come out with new adaptions of what has already been; everybody’s inspired by the past, but adds their personal touch to it. This is not to say that designers don’t create anything new at all, but the majority definitely always has recurring elements of style.


Absolutely. Often I find myself inspired by the origins of suiting and interpret them my way, or taking a rockabilly look and modernizing it, just to name a couple…


"What’s your worldview?" I love talking to people on a deeper level, about the meaning of life, and how it impacts their everyday lives. I think I need it because fashion sometimes gets too superficial, so it’s a nice conversation to have to create balance.


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quiet reminder for myself and anyone else who needs it


  • you’re alive
  • you’re okay
  • you have people who care about you
  • you can do this
  • it’s okay to be scared and overwhelmed, just don’t let it consume you
  • you’re okay
  • you can do this
  • today might not be a good day, but you’re alive and that’s okay
  • it’s okay
  • you’re okay
  • deep breaths
  • you’re okay

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alternate ending to tfios

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